An Interview with Jema "Emilly Ladybird" Hewitt, Part 1
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Editrix de Mode, Wilhelmina Frame speaks with both Jema Hewitt and Emilly Ladybird in this two part interview. First, Wilhelmina talks with Emilly about her career in the adventureneering business, Mr. Woppit and the lack of good cocktails in the Center of the Earth.

Ms. Emilly Ladybird wears many hats, all of them teeny. An Adventuress and socialite, Emilly's exploits are chronicled by her alter ego, Jema Hewitt in the new crafting tome Steampunk Emporium. In the first part of a two part interview, I spoke with Emilly about her fascinating career.

Wilhelmina Frame: So my dear, how did you get into the adventureneering business?
Emilly Ladybird: Well, it’s quite a long story. I actually started out wanting to merely travel the world in the guise of a lovely lady and then I realized that to do that one needed quite a lot of cash. And I saw a job vacancy at Dickens and Rivetts, the auctioneers, and I went and had a look at Mr. Dickens and Mr. Rivetts and I thought I quite liked the look of them. So I decided to take them in hand and sort them out and make sure that they had nothing but the best quality artifacts to sell and in return they fund my little trips, which is smashing!
And handy!
Very handy, yes! It can be quite expensive you know, hot air balloons, The Ritz, tea parties at The Savoy, all the sorts of things that one needs when one’s adventuring, ball gowns, Parisian couture, absinthe.
Jema "Emilly Ladybird" HewittSo when you’re getting ready to go adventuring what are your necessities to pack in your bag?
Obviously we do need quite a large bag of chocolate buttons for Mr. Woppit just in case he becomes truculent. I always try and make sure I have some sort of inflatable life raft somewhere on the hot air balloon. And a nice pair of waterproof socks or stockings.
You brought up the mysterious Mr. Woppit. What can you tell us about him?
Mr. Woppit is of course a genius. He’s the brains of the operation. He has got us out of many a scrape, poor Mr. Woppit. He may be only small but he’s feisty.
He’s quite furry too, I believe.
Yes, yes. He’s got lovely ears. Lovely, long droopy ears. And a good bobbed tail.
You go to many exotic locations in your adventureneering, but where would you want to go on vacation?
I do like to explore but I often tend to find myself in rather inhospitable climates such as the North Pole amongst polar bears and fjords and ice. Or somewhere terribly, terribly hot like the Center of the Earth full of boiling magma and unpleasant natives with spears. So I think if I were to go on holiday I’d like to go somewhere very tranquil perhaps a nice ocean retreat on Venus or something like that. Some of the ocean cruises are rather spectacular.
I’m sure they can make a much better cocktail as well.
Yes, it’s hard to make cocktails when you’re running away from monsters.
In the Center of the Earth, they don’t have a lot of ice there, I don’t think, for making cocktails.
Not much ice at all, but it is wonderful for hot chocolate.
And tea, I would think.
Oh yes, tea, of course, a lot tea! If all the tea gets drunk then we have to go home.
You have to make the supply last.
If other adventurous young ladies, or young gentlemen, want to get into the business, what advice would you give them?
First of all, you can’t wait for someone to approach you, you’ve got to get out there and start investigating things off your own back. Perhaps you’ve seen some dark, mysterious stranger lurking on the street corner or receiving peculiar packages in the foyer of a third rate hotel, you know, you need to follow them and see exactly where they’re going. Libraries are a good place. You can always find someone who’s engaged in some sort of research that they shouldn’t be and that’s always a good opening for an adventure. And then all you need really is a backer. There are quite a few of those loitering around. Playboys, princes, they’re always good for an odd bob or two.
Well, that sounds fabulous. But I need a few more princes I think. They’re in short supply here in the colonies. We have some tycoons but they can be a bit truculent as well.
(both laugh)
Stay tuned for Part 2!


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