The Steampunk Chronicle 2011 Holiday Guide!
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Doctor Q along with many of the Chronicle Editors and Correspondents present to you our picks for the discerning steampunk on your holiday shopping list.  Enjoy!

By The Steampunk Chronicle Staff, Compiled by Doctor Q

(Santa Image Credit: CyborgNecromancer on DeviantArt) Those of us who appreciate the reimagining of days of future past have a fond love of the holidays, where everyone gets just a little bit more Victorian – after all, the shift from this time of year from the strictly religious celebration to that of gift giving, jolly men in red suits committing some sort of reverse burglary, caroling, and the like began in the Victorian era.  In 1843 with Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, the spirit of the season became one centered on family, compassion, and goodwill towards man.  And that era is a steampunk’s foundation.  So let’s ring in the holidays and celebrate peace on earth, gears in every stocking, and presents to ring in whatever holiday you celebrate during this winter season. 

Doctor Q here, I’ve polled the staff here at the Chronicle and we are proud to present to you our staff picks for the perfect gift for your own steampunk adventurer, lord, lady, scoundrel, what have you.  So whether you’re lighting a clockwork menorah or putting your mechanical angel on the top of your Douglas-fir, this wish-list would make any tinkerer happy – our staff especially!
For the fashionable airship crew about town, we present some of the best gifts and gadgets for the well dressed lady and gent. 
A number of our correspondents suggested custom apparel.  You have a number of options for designers, but we highly recommend checking out some of House of Canney’s designs on Etsy (pictured, below). In particular, our fashionable burlesque writer Talloolah Love would love most any custom piece from this gent’s shop.  
Moving to a more dieselpunk aesthetic, correspondent Emilie P. Bush turned us onto this stellar coat from Young Republic that would be fashionable on many adventurous folks.  
On the lighter side, and to some it might be sacrilege, but Hello Kitty's friend My Melody loves her airship.  It’s a funny gift for those with some more modest of budgets.  Wilhelmina Frame has a thing for Hello Kitty I assume.
Just about every single female correspondent on our staff asked for boots.  Every one of them.  There’s a stereotype joke to be made here, but I have to admit, I wouldn’t mind a lovely pair of boots myself.  Personally, I’d go for the Preacher’s Boot from Gentlemen’s Emporium.  Then again, these lovely boots pictured come from Metropolis Alternative (pictured, right).  Their entire line of steampunk boots and shoes are Talloolah Love approved.
Correspondent Patricia Nolde suggested a couple of essential accessories with a unique twist.  While anyone can wear goggles, German Motorcycle Goggles from Restoration Hardware (pictured below and only available at Christmastime we are told) and almost anything from Stanley Brass.
Accessorize with some pretties from Bionic Unicorn, a few of our correspondents recommend their wares highly and with pride. 
This department is strictly in my fellow editor Wilhelmina’s department, so I’ll quote her on this one:  “Get your Edwardian wardrobe ala Downton Abbey ready with Truly Victorian's Edwardian Patterns”  And she was also kind enough to remind us that “2012 is the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, have your dress ready with this reissued pattern [from Simplicity], available online only.”
If your fellow steampunk fan is dressed well already, you still have plenty of other options of gifts available in the world of steampunk-themed media! 
Correspondent Liesel Hindmann was very apt to mention that the books of The Clockwork Century series by Cherie Priest make wonderful gifts.
I would also advise checking your steampunk library.  Our suggestions for some of the more definitive works would be the Steampunk Bible by Jeff VanderMeer & S.J. Chambers (pictured, left) for an authoritative book on the subject as well as 1,000 Steampunk Inspirations by Dr. Grymm for a visual tour de force and an excellent coffee table book.
To raise them while they’re young, or for the sequential art aficionado in your life, the good Doctor recommends you pick up Jim McCann and Janet K. Lee’s Return of the Dapper Men.  It’s a delight for all ages and makes a great gift under the tree.
Correspondent John F. Strangeway, aka Steampunk Fett, said recently, “You may have the best costume in the world, but it won't look it's best until it's photographed by a pro.” Which is an excellent point.  A lot of us here agree.  We think a gift certificate from Dim Horizon Studios for a themed photo shoot would make any steampunk’s day. 
Art adds color and makes any home just a shade bit closer to the ModVic apartment we all wished we lived in.  What better gift than a custom print?  We think Amy Houser’s work is other-worldly good.  Her Clockwork Wings (pictured, below) print framed would be the pride and joy of any proud laboratory owner. 
For adding something just a little bit naughty to your special shopping list, a pinup illustration print from the talented Echo Chernik would be quite the conversational piece in any gentlemen’s parlor. My personal favorite is The Spark Girl
While many of us own at least a few Abney Park albums, did you know they have a holiday CD for download? Why not surprise your favorite Airship Pirate with the download of Dark Christmas? Or to keep the Punk in Steampunk as it were, The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing’s Holiday 4-song EP “A Very Steampunk Christmas” (pictured, right) will amuse and delight the ears.
Our own Liesel Hindmann reminds us that many steampunks still adore the old vinyl, so why not shop for the hard to find albums such as In Bocca al Lupo by Murder By Death and you can even get some new Hellblinki on lucious vinyl as well.  Take a gander.
And last, but certainly not least, we found a lovely gift certificate for the gear-obsessed musician in your life. Why not give them a Custom Guitar Modification from GuitarCustomizations out of the UK. For those of us in the US, and with a stupid amount of disposable income, this custom-made Steampunk Guitar (pictured, below) by RPGRegalia is a work of art. I’d love to have it on my wall, and I don’t even play. 
Finally, we come to the real nuts and bolts for those of us fascinated with nuts and bolts (and cogs and springs). These gift suggestions are not only for those who simply wish to wear these fetching devices, but also for the ones who love to build them themselves.
Many of us here at the Chronicle suggest you go straight over to Brute Force Studios and shop away! While Liesel Hindmann wishes that a Leather Clockwork Wristband would be in her stocking, whereas many a maker would love to have the “Steampunk Gear, Gadgets, and Gizmos: A Maker's Guide to Creating Modern Artifacts” book to learn the tips and tools of the trade from the master himself.  (Editor's Note: Stay tuned for a review from our Correspondent Prof. Upsidasium on this very book!)
The folks of SteampunkDesign are no slouches either. Take a gander at this amazing Watch Cuff (pictured, left) and tell me you wouldn’t love to unwrap a gift as beautiful as that on a crisp holiday morning? Thought not.
And for the more modest budgets, you can never go wrong at Think Geek. I myself have this lovely little Wrist Monocular on my own wishlist. If I somehow manage to escape the naughty list, I do hope it ends up under the hearth for me this year. 
Always ones to Do It Ourselves, bear in mind that for a steampunk – the parts are presents in and of themselves. Wilhelmina Frame kindly reminds us that the smashing folks over at Frenzy Universe sells gears by the ounce, not to mention Vintage Cogs (pictured, right), and Used Watch Components.
Last, but not least, you may want to think a bit outside the box. If the steampunk on your shopping list spends day and night tinkering, you may want to sneak a peak in their workshop. Do they have a nice, high-end Dremel Tool? Perhaps a Soldering Iron? And when in doubt, gift certificates to Craft Stores would always be welcome (as well as your local Home Improvement store). 
There you have it folks. You’ve got a couple of good shopping weeks left, we at the Chronicle hope you find this Holiday Guide helpful. Please leave us some feedback and we’ll be sure to keep this a holiday tradition next year!
Doctor Q is the Media Editor for Steampunk Chronicle. He fancies himself an acoustic arranger of music and founder of the Artifice Club.
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