NYC's holiday windows celebrate the whimsy of Steampunk
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Editrix de Mode, Wilhelmina Frame takes you on a brief survey of New York City's steampunk influenced holiday department store windows. 

The venerable New York City holiday tradition of spectacular department store holiday displays has taken a steampunk turn this year. The most talked and blogged about windows are on the Broadway side of Macy's. These windows have a serious steampunk influence with marionettes, gears and space travel a la Georges Melies. The windows incorporate Macy's relationship with the Make-a-Wish Foundation and a special edition ornament collection. Unfortunately, the ornaments are not inspired by the windows. Too bad! Blogger Hey Mishka has some excellent pix and also a little video of the windows in action.


Bergdorf Goodman's holiday display is entitled Carnival of the Animals. Featuring taxidermy and over the top elegant bric-a-brac, each window is its own cabinet of curiousity. The window entitled Brass Menagerie brings to mind the layered Victorian insanity of Wisconsin's House on the Rock. See the fabulous photos at BG's blog.



Saks Fifth Avenue gets in the act with their snow and bubbles themed windows. The inspiration is from the children's book Who Makes the Snow, which coincidentally, is available exclusively at Saks. The Saks windows look spare versus Macy's and BG but the mechanics, flywheels and penny farthings of the snow and bubble makering machines still bring the industrial feel that steampunk references. 





What steampunk doesn't love the circus?

Louis Vuitton must love steampunk!


While not steampunk per se, Barney's New York takes the holidays in a whole different direction in their collaboration with Lady Gaga. Barney's entire 5th floor has been transformed into Gaga's Workshop, a retail experience reflecting Lady Gaga's vision of Santa's workshop. Looks like Santa went on a eggnog bender and came out thinking he was in a Pretty in Pink / Beetlejuice Christmas mashup. I will admit though, I wouldn't mind if fancy Mr. Claus stopped by Gaga's Workshop and picked me up an Avant Garde Boot Stocking


Photo Credits:


Macy's photo via Hey Mishka 

Bergdorf Goodman photo by Ricky Zehavi via 5th/58th

Saks Fifth Avenue photo via for the love of bikes

Barney's photo via She Knows


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