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Crafting Intro

Arguably the most exciting area of the Steampunk world is Crafting. This is where historical inspiration takes form and manifests itself in truly amazing works. These props created can be anything from the iconical steam punk goggles to guns to jet packs! And all made with one foot firmly places in the past and one digging into the future.
In general, Crafts can be divided into two categories: Modding and Making.
Modding is where one where one starts off with a basic item and then changes it in subtle ways to give it a more steampunk appearance. A very good example of this is the now classic Nerf gun model called the Maverick. There are literally dozens of pictures of these on sites such as Flickr that show amazing paint jobs that turn this revolver style toy gun into a sidearm that any steampunk enthusiasts would be glad to hanging by their side.  Here is a before after shot to illustrate the striking difference.
Making is where one usually creates a work completely from raw parts. Now some of the parts may actually be complete works in and of themselves and some of the component pieces may even be mods, but the final item is completely unrecognizable from any of the base components that it started from. There are numerous examples of this available as well. One of the more unique items is a version of a jetpack fashioned to be wings.
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As you can see, the area of Crafts is truly limited only by your imagination and what parts you can scrounge up.  
In future articles, we’ll show you how to create your own sidearm from scratch as well as hot to put a brand new paint job on a nerf gun to give it that special touch. And as always, we welcome any creative sparks that the audience cares to contribute. If you have a craft project then write it up and submit it. Steampunk is as much about sharing the wonders as it is making them.

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