Backing Steam: The Chronicles of Professor Elemental
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Next in our Backing Steam series, Liesel Hindmann has a quick interview with none other than Professor Elemental himself! 

Hello and welcome back to Backing Steam, the Chronicle’s monthly spotlight on fundraising in our community! Just as a quick update from last month, the North Fulton Drama Club and Dim Horizon Studio were ultimately successful in their Kickstarter campaigns! The NFDC raised over $4,500 for their Steampunk production of The Tempest, and Dim Horizon raised $2,300 and have just received their calendar proofs. Congratulations to both of them! I can’t wait to see the final products!

This month, we’ll be focusing on the world of television and webseries. Or in the words of the man behind the Crowdfunder, a certain “Tea-V series.”

If you’re not familiar with Professor Elemental, he’s the foremost chap-hop performer in steampunk today. Taking the scene by storm with his music videos for ‘Cup of Brown Joy’ and ‘Fighting Trousers,’ the good Professor shows off his rap and comedy skills while still being quite the mad gentlemen explorer about it! In November 2010, he released his first album The Indifference Engine onto the world, and now, in 2012, he will be the star of the webseries/television pilot The Chronicles of Professor Elemental.

With your help, of course.

Described as “a cross between Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes, Flight of The Conchords, Jay-Z and a badger in a hat,” The Chronicles of Professor Elemental is currently trying to raise production funds on Crowdfunder, a British website similar to that of Kickstarter. The Professor, writer and director Benjamin Field, and their production team from Holomedia are trying to raise £5,000 (about $7,834) to get the series off the ground, but at the time of writing, they’ve only raised 87% of their goal.

I thought I could try and convince my readers myself to donate to this project, as both a fan and a donor. Sadly, the weight of the issue made my words fall flat. However, if I couldn’t convince you, perhaps the Professor could! With a quick high-speed, cross-continental telegraph, I was able to ask the esteemed Professor Elemental a few questions about the project.


Liesel Hindmann: Why use crowd funding to back the series?

Professor Elemental: Because I have used up my inheritance on whimsical machines and strange creatures. Also, I love the idea of Crowdfunder and all our friends getting in on the action so to speak.

LH: What can donors expect from the series if the project succeeds?

PE: Goodness, there's piles and piles of stuff. Everything from free sets of CDs to signed pith helmets and bespoke raps. 

LH: What would you say to those who might be on the fence about backing the project?

PE: Goodness, get off that fence before you get a splinter in your bottom! 

In all seriousness, I would say to them this; Imagine your future, imagine your youngest child coming to you, tears welling up in his or her tiny eyes as they say, “Daddy and Mummy, what did YOU do when Professor Elemental was making his TV pilot?” Imagine having to tell that child, “Oh hypothetical son or daughter, we did nothing. Nothing at all.”

Then imagine that child never looking at his or her parents without utter contempt and endless disappointment. All of which could have been avoided for a mere 20 to 500 pounds. 

Think of the children, won't you? 

LH: Besides the web series, what can we expect from Professor Elemental in the near future?

PE: I am firing on all cylinders at the moment. There are shows all through the year, the Professor Elemental comic is very nearly ready, and next week, I shall be going up to see Tom Caruana to record the second Professor Elemental album. It is going to be AMAZING. I am very excited. By everything. All the time. 

LH: Anything else you'd like to say to people who will be reading this?

PE: I meant what I said in  HYPERLINK "" the video ad for Crowdfunder about your eyes. They really are very kind and rather pretty. 


There. Does Professor Elemental’s enthusiasm and kind words about your eyes have you convinced? I certainly am!

You can view the appeal and donate to Professor Elemental’s Crowdfunder here. Don’t let the use of Pounds deter you. Anyone from around the world can donate! Please note that Crowdfunder does take the upfront, but will return it if the project is unsuccessful. 


For more information on Professor Elemental, visit The Crowdfunder closes on April 8.

I will return in a month with more projects, but until then, may your steampower always have backup!


Liesel Hindmann is the Steampunk Chronicle’s Backing Steam columnist and correspondent. She is the Apprentice of Internal Machinations and Operations for The Extraordinary Contraptions and considers herself a lover of media from multiple dimensions. You can follow her on Twitter as well as her blog: The Diary of a Dimension Hopper.

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