Airship Tales: Now Boarding the Airship Revenger
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Airship Tales columnist John Strangeway regails us once more with another profile, this time from the Revengers in Alabama!

Welcome back fellow Steampunk Chronicle readers!  We deviate out course from the North to swing back down straight as an arrow to Alabama.

Read below to discover who are:

The AirShip Revenger.  Sometimes the crew is referred to as the Revengers


Captain Tomas Quin
Lars Quin, raiding party
Ash Havenwood, bursar
Musica , helmsgirl
Musette , espionage
Viction Trace, procurement
Humonculus, brute
Marion Maxwell , gentleman rouge
Seigfreid Von Saizchef, reporter
As well as 8 reserve members

John Strangeway:  So what inspired you to create your Airship?

Tomas Quin:  The first few Steampunk things I saw were far too High Victorian for my taste but as I looked I found more and more punk/goth influenced works. My group draws mostly on our own imaginations but has taken ideas from everything, from Firefly to comic books and D&D. For me personally growing up on Vern, Wells, Poe, Brisco County and Indiana Jones helped.

JS:  What are the main focuses of your airship's theme?

TQ:  As far as story line goes our ship exist within a timeline where the Confederacy was taken over by a secret group called the Knight of the Golden Circle. The KGC won the civil war spreading a slave holding Golden Circle Empire across the south, most of Mexico and the Carrabin. The Empires evils are not limited to slavery but also include collection and either destruction or abuse of any technologies and super natural forces that may threaten their rule.

The Revengers are one of the few forces that fight against this tyranny .

JS:  How many people are in your airship?

TQ:  Total number of crew are 9 active and 8 reserve.

JS:  Who "leads" the creative direction of the airship?

TQ:  I hold leadership position but everyone in the group takes part in the creative and planning processes

JS:  Are you currently looking for new members?

TQ:  [We’re] currently seeking hirers.  The Revengers are more than a crew we are a family, we are open to work with anyone and help them build whatever they desire but being given a set of crew wings takes a bit of work.

JS:  What has been the biggest challenge with keeping the airship going?

TQ:  Outside of the normal social logistics of any group this size the primary issues has been dealing with everyone being spread so thin, we try to do photo shoots, cons and hosting musical/art  events. Just keeping up with it all can be a challenge but we have had luck and I have a damn good crew.


Their most recent event, the Shiny Shipwrecked Shenanigans show was a smashing success.  Here is a quick insider look by Jake Polatty.

“Good times were had by all at the Shiny Shipwrecked Shenanigans, thrown by the Airship Revengers.  Steampunks from the Tennessee Valley region and beyond arrived to enjoy themselves.

The music at the Shindig was second to none.  The Aeronauts and the Extraordinary Contraptions each put on excellent shows.  Even when faced with technical difficulties the bands turned frustration into
fun.  And when the bands were not playing DJ Joy_Actual, DJ Naught, and Captain Tomas Quin spun tunes for everyone to enjoy.  The music was so good; there was not a single person who did not dance at least once.

If you enjoyed the Shindig and want more or if you missed it, fear not.  The Revengers have another event, the Clockwork Cotillion, coming sometime in the future.”

Web site:

Stay tuned for next time when I will have coverage from the Steampunk Empire Symposium where several Airship crews are massing together for an all-out brawl!!! (By brawl I mean some friendly competition….)


John Strangeway is the man in the suit for Steampunk Boba Fett He is a writer for the Steampunk Chronicle as well as the Promotions & Media head for Penny Dreadful Productions.

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