Couture Meets the Beautifully Grotesque
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Correspondent Katina Z. Jones profiles fashion designer Nikki Fizer of No Human Intentions.

Designer Nikki Fizer of No Human Intentions takes one-of-a-kind design seriously: She never remakes a design, and isn’t afraid to take her newest collection into a completely different direction.

But that isn’t all that makes her work unique. This feisty designer is blessed with an inventive creative spirit and the kind of devil-may-care attitude that can only come from being a self-taught artist.No Human Intentions - Spring / Summer 2013

“My work is and will always be one of a kind,” says Fizer, a recent transplant to the Kansas City, Missouri area from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. “It’s handmade—meaning not perfection. There may be a crooked stitch or something. If you want perfection, go to freaking Hot Topic and be like every other wanna-be out there. Now if you want to be 100 percent original, if you’re real and your head is as twisted as mine, you’re in the right place.”

No Human Intentions - Spring / Summer 2013











Fizer describes No Human Intentions as “clothing for the morally impaired,” and her designs originate in her “crazy head,” without any patterns and with only her imagination and a sewing machine as a starting point. Her passion began with her general distaste for mass-produced clothing; often, she would buy clothes and alter them until they were remade to her standards of “craziness.” Her husband had her remake his entire wardrobe, and now will only wear clothing made or remade by Fizer. The idea that is now No Human Intentions soon took life from the couple’s creative, attention-grabbing threads.

She never remakes a design for her clothing—and she only makes two collections each year, though she is willing to take commissions in her periods of down time. Her line goes beyond cloth to include a deliciously wild array of jewelry, accessories and hats. With her newest collection, she is focusing on the beautifully grotesque and macabre, steering toward “Apocalyptic Neo-Victorian, with a hint of couture.”

No Human Intentions - Spring / Summer 2013Fizer’s vision has taken off with those who appreciate the eccentric in fashion design. However, she acknowledges that Steampunks, many artists in their own right, seem to best appreciate the art and work that goes into a No Human Intentions piece.

Ask her about her influences and you’re bound to get an enigmatic answer. “I know it’s strange, but I really try very hard not to be influenced by anything. A filmmaker once compared me to Alexander McQueen, which I took as an honor because I’m a huge McQueen fan, but I wouldn’t say I’m influenced by anyone. My favorite program used to be ‘Project Runway,’ but I quit watching it because I thought it would influence me.”

So, what does Fizer think is the best part of being a fashion designer? “It’s doing what I love to do,” she says. “The highlight is when I actually get to see my garment on a person and see it walk down the runway. Being published is also pretty sweet, too; my latest publication was in the first issue of Ladies of Steampunk magazine.”

On the downside, Fizer reminds us that along with the creative rewards, there is always a struggle for all artisans. “So, readers, with holiday season coming up, please don’t forget to shop from your favorite artists. Without your support, we can’t keep creating the work you love.”

Six of Fizer’s designs from No Human Intentions’ latest collection were showcased earlier this month at RAWARDS in Kansas City, Missouri and at the Emerald City Steampunk Expo on November 3. For now, she’s enjoying some downtime, working on custom orders until she’s “rockin’ the runway” again on February 28 at Kansas City Fashion Week (KCFW). At this show, she’ll be unveiling No Human Intentions’ 2013 Spring/Summer Collection.

To see more of Nikki Fizer’s amazing work (past, present and future), visit No Human Intentions or Etsy. You can follow this inventive designer on twitter @nohumanintent and on Facebook.

Photo Credits:

WARDROBE: No Human Intentions/Spring 2013 Collection

STYLIST: Amie Kankelfitz

MUA: Jennifer E Sullivan Cassidy

PHOTOGRAPHY: Tom Krekow — with Amie Kankelfitz, Audrey White, Jennifer E Sullivan Cassidy and Tom Krekow at Cave Spring Nature Center.


Correspondent Katina Z. Jones is a marketing copywriter by day and an author by night. She lives in suburban Atlanta with a menagerie of kids, dogs, cats and one very patient husband.



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