Working with Leather for Fun and Profit
Created by professor on 2/25/2013 9:30:53 PM

Professor V gives us a quick summary of the Leather working panel at Anachrocon 2013.

Having spent a year or two as Crafts editorr for the Steampunk Chronicle, I have really gotten a taste for the leather work done in this area. And as fate would have it, I had the privilege of attending a panel at AnachroCon 2013 entitled “Leather for Costume & Props: Demo and Q&A”.

The panel was stocked with both a great diversity of professionals and crafters, including Matt Brown  AKA Daecon Aegis of Aegis Steampunk, Chris Mueller who is the prop master for the Birmingham Childrens Theater, John Newbury, a southeast crafter that does custom work and Thomas Willford of Brute Force Studios. Now folks,  that that is some SERIOUS talent to be sitting in one room right there and it only got better. The Chairman of Anachrocon, William Macleod, was able to show up in his custom Steampunk Batman outfit that he has been displaying and evolving over the last 5 years and each of the panelists also brought various pieces of their work which they graciously handed around the room for us to inspect.



They got right down to business answering questions from the audience. Topics that were discussed and touched upon included “How did you get started crafting?”, “What is the best way to create certain special effects?” and “How do I get started in leatherworking without wasting leather?”  What I liked best about the panel was that the panelists seemed very at ease discussing their details of their craft. There was a genuine desire to pass on knowledge and to encourage others to do leatherworking. Questions continued pouring out and being answered and the panel ran full tilt right up to the one hour time limit.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the discussion and the show and tell pieces that were passed around. All in all, a great panel at a great con with some great participants.

Chris Mueller, Photo by V. Martin







John Newbury, Photo by V. Martin




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