Aegis Steamcraft Epic Armor Build Part 2
Created by professor on 3/27/2013 5:44:58 PM


Aegis Steamcraft shows the latest progress on their new leather project.

So I was business working on assignments for my students when I was contacted by Daecon Aegis of Aegis Steamcraft. Daecon was excited because in only a week’s time, he had managed to make some significant progress on his new armor build. He offered to let me see the changes and I was happy to oblige. When we left the build, we had just finished dying and finishing the breast plate and the back plate was just wrapped to make the mold. Daecon had thrown himself into his work and managed to finish the back plate .To say that he had made “some progress” was a bit of an understatement.



armor_start armor_start2

I’ll use the obligatory thousand word pictures to tell the story.


armor_detail armor_plate.



I asked him if he had a specific plan in place for the piece. He shrugged and replied “No. I just started working on it and let the piece kinda tell me what needed to come next. I made it fairly modular. There are Chicago screws holding the should pieces into place. The should plates and belt can all be removed and something else can be placed there. Its a very modular system. if someone pays a fair price for a piece of work, I feel that they should have some flexibility with it. This armor was meant to show off that aspect of my work.” I think its safe to say that Daecon won’t have to worry about having people lined up to get custom work. He added further “I’ve got some ideas of using some braided brass tubing as well and possibly some shoulder mounted equipment as well.


I thanked Daecon for this time and he again promised to let me see the next phase of the work. If this step is any indication, the next step should be truly magnificent.

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