Fashion Book Review: International Steampunk Fashions
Created by wilhelminaframe on 4/14/2013 9:06:58 PM

Editrix de Mode Wilhelmina Frame reviews the new hard cover fashion book by Victoriana Lady Lisa.

International Steampunk Fashions by Victoriana Lady LisaFashionistas have a beautiful new tome to inspire them with the publications of Victoriania Lady Lisa’s International Steampunk Fashions. This new, hardcover coffee table book is a lush exploration of Steampunk style. With the majority of the content coming from a call for submissions, Lady Lisa has done a very nice job showing the breadth and diversity of Steampunk fashion. Fans of the corset on the outside, bustle on the backside side version of ladies’ Steampunk fashion will not be disappointed. But neither will those who dig mens’ looks and color. International Steampunk Fashion proves via multiple striking images that not all in Steampunk is brown. The images are diverse and the layout is lovely. The book is divided by geographical region and there is a separate section devoted exclusively to jewelry, hats and accessories. Due to the nature of the submissions, the book also features people and photographs that probably will not have been seen by many of the books’ readers. This gives International Steampunk Fashions a refreshing quality and break from some of the same images we have seen over and over in other books and the internet. Eagle-eyed Steampunk Chronicle readers may likely recognize quite a few of the subjects, including your Editrix, and also images from SPC Reader’s Choice Award Nominee photographers Thomas Dodd, Martin Soulstealer and 2012 Winner, Dim Horizon Studios.A page from International Steampunk Fashions by Victoriana Lady Lisa

The focus is rightly on imagery with text being fairly minimal. A foreward and “What is Steampunk?” section written by G.D. Falksen and an introduction by Lady Lisa give the uninitiated just enough background but will most likely be largely skipped by anyone already familiar with the genre. Or perhaps they will just check out the pictures around the text as I did the first few times I perused the book. Really, my only criticism of the book, regards the text. I found several incidents of misspellings of names within the crediting of images, my own name included. Of course, since I know many of the contributors, I would notice something like this! But, I do appreciate the efforts Victoriana Lady Lisa has made to credit models, makers and photographers across the book. An entire section of International Steampunk Fashions is devoted to biographies of Steampunk luminaries and major contributors to the book. I just wish Lady Lisa’s editors would have taken the same attention to detail.

Detractions aside, International Steampunk Fashion is a great add to your fashion library as a reference, inspiration and guide.

RIGHT, a page from "International Steampunk Fashions".

International Steampunk Fashions is available from Amazon and other fine retailers.


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