Planting A Mighty Seed
Created by Mister M on 5/27/2013 10:12:33 PM

Music Correspondent Mister M reviews Mighty Seed, the latest from This Way to the Egress!


The new This Way to the Egress album Mighty Seed makes me say, “Yay!” Yay, they’ve made a thoroughly fun album! Yay, they’ve avoided the sophomore slump by embracing their strengths! Yay, they’re coming to my town!

Mighty Seed is an album that I didn’t know that I’ve been waiting for. In my novelty-drenched world of cabaret-folk-punk-alt-history bands, the releases can get a bit bogged down with concept. Sometimes this leads to filler. There are always stand out tracks, but clinkers and throwaways come with the territory. Every track on Mighty Seed delivers. There’s consistent buoyancy. It begins with the All Points Bulletin of “Clarence,” also the debut music video. It has a group sing-a-long, a style reprised in the next song “M.I.A.” that reminds me of the finale to The Forbidden Zone. It’s not surprising, as there’s a certain Oingo Boingo-ness in the combination of humor, a bit of darkness and eclecticism. Songs can borrow a bit of klezmer, knees-up drinking songs (“Pound Your Bones”) or Minnie the Moocher-cum-New Orleans street funeral procession (“6 Count Swing”). Song by song, it’s full of dance hall bounce.

This bounce is what they have learned from their first album, This Delicious Cabaret. The energy from tracks like “On a 45” and “Gypsy Shoe” makes rooms move.  Mighty Seed imbues each track with this spirit. It’s not about making a song faster. It’s about making a song lively. “Cage Bird” sound like live band electro-swing (with a little bit of sampling). This Way to the Egress has not exactly been reinvented as a dance band, but it’s a quality that has been refined. Each of the new songs will definitely be a live thrill.

Which is why I’m looking forward to seeing them on the Steamstock Train Tour. For two weeks in July and August, they will be touring the US by train with The Cog Is Dead and Frenchy and the Punk. It’s hard to tell if a band is going to live up to the expectations of an album you like, but I have no doubts about This Way to the Egress. Even if they were to give a rote performance, the songs are strong and vibrant enough to ensure a blast. If the tour isn’t stopping in your area, you need to move.


Mighty Seed is available through This Way to The Egress’ web store.

Mr. M plays theremin and other oddball musical devices in the old-timey mad scientist band The White City Rippers and twangs washtub bass in the steampunk Britney Spears tribute band Spears and Gears. He also spins the amber oldies with the Lords & Ladies DJ crew.

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