Cheap Steampunk Gun Build
Created by DameNix on 12/29/2010 3:17:54 PM

Cheap Steampunk Gun Build

(Only $10.00 and 2 Hours)

Cheap Steampunk Gun Build

(Only $10.00 and 2 Hours)

1.) Find a gun at a Dollar Store that fits the idea you have for the weapon you have in mind.  Remember to look for other things that may be useful while there. (see below)

2.) Purchase said gun for $1.00 plus tax and buy or acquire all tools, supplies, and accessories for the project at various places while out, such as craft stores, thrift stores, and home improvement stores. (see below)

3.) Practically destroy the gun by lightly sanding off enough of the finish enough so paint will stick, disassemble the gun, gut most of the electronics from the inside, and trash the lights that are in the toy since they will not be bright enough for our needs in all likelihood.  Save all screws and any clear bits, do not paint these clear bits, but keep them clear for detailing and later reassembly with the lights behind them.

4.) Prepare accessories, and prepare their placement points on the gun.  I use a Wizard but any other power tool like a Wizard will work for this.  With these tools you can cut the screws you have to proper lengths, carving up places for the bolts and drilling holes for the pins.  You can do a super smooth job of sanding everything smooth as glass with these tools also, especially at points where you have added things extending from the gun, pinned gears or decoration, or switches.  You can do those with norm tools also, but it may take longer.

5.) Paint gun and accessories.  In this case I am using two main colors, antique brass and metallic gold, and some limited masking to preserve some highlights and details I like or have added.  My intent is to make the gun look old, not new, but also not excessively worn.  After the main coat of antique brass, I lightly dust the pieces with the metallic gold.  By dusting I mean not anywhere near a complete coat of paint, but enough for the light dusting of paint to hit the raise portions of the pieces, highlighting them.  Let dry for 10 minutes.

6.) Wire the gun for lights and sound by trigger and/or switch.  Most of my guns now have lights on always if desired by switch, and then the light intensified and sound activated by a pull of the trigger.  A very few of my weapons, clockwork automations and contraptions have various modes, controlled by switches and/or remote control.

7.) And now for the final assembly and last minute details phase.  Now glue everything that is required, secure the wiring, all accessories attached and reenforced on the inside, reassemble, and add final paint details.  Then leave it overnight to let the glue cure, Super Glue and E-6000, and let the final paint, Tamiya Color Acrylics and Sharpie Paint Marker, details dry.  Important, I use screws for the drawer pulls that came with, and I pin just about anything else extending from the gun for durability at Cons and costuming events.

Now you have a Steampunk weapon that costed you less than $10.00 and 2 hours or less of your time.

Or, I will make you on for +/- $30.00 if you wish. o.O

Supplies Needed:

Desired paint, sanding paper/block, basic tools and/or a Wizard type power tool  if available, electrical tape, maybe extra wire, E-6000 glue, Superglue, and about 2 or less hours of your time.  These physical things many Victorian era geniuses may already have about their laboratory.

Toy Gun $1.00 + tax ( Dollar Store )

Drawer pulls, one for $1.50 + tax and the other for $2.00 + tax. ( Home Depot and/or craft store )

Owl Charms $1.47 + tax. ( craft store )

Glass paperweight $1.00 + tax. ( Dollar Store )

Extra gears & Charms +/-$1.00 / found items. ( craft store )

Lights, batteries and supplies +/-$1.50 / found items.  Radio Shack, old toys, Dollar Store items, are all good sources for what you require. ( various sources )

By Ashaa Aimee Love aka The Darling and Destructive Dame Nix
Steampunk Empire - Dame Nix

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