SPC 2013 Editor's Christmas Shopping Guide
Created by professor on 12/12/2013 7:04:11 PM

The Steampunk Chronicle Editors all give their picks for some fantastic gifts for the discriminating Steampunk fan.

 (Steampunk Santa(Main image is " Steampunk Santa"  ©Jennifer Koopman on Etsy)

Greetings Esteemed readers!

Its that time of year. When we all are shopping for gifts to give to friends and loved ones. Here at the Steampunk Chronicle, the Editors have all created lists of items that we think would delight any one fond of Steampunk in all its flavors. Without further adieu.



Professor V (Crafts and Evangelism)

Like all learned gentlemen, I spell it Xmas instead of Christmas. If you don't believe me, just check out Snopes Knowiing is half the battle! But I digress.... I'll start off the list with my top picks.

1) First and foremost, BOOKS!
A few that are sitting on my shelf right now that I can definitely recommend are:

Boneshaker by Cherie Priest
Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld
The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack by Buron & Swinburne
The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi
The Anubis Gates by Tim Powers

The good news is that there are dozens MORE to pick from. The bad news is that you probably will want copy for yourself after you buy one as a gift.

2) A photography package.
If that special someone has some great Steampunk outfits, then what better way to immortalize them than with a custom photography package. Pick a local reputable photography and go for it. In the Atlanta area we have several to pick from and one of the local faves in the Steapunk Scene is Dim Horizons

3) A set of goggles!
Yes, I know they are a bit old school if not over done but challenge yourself to find a set that actually looks good with one of your outfits and BELONGS THERE. There are plenty for sale online so look around. There is always Etsy as a starting point. Just make sure you don't get something that would have been featured on Regretsy instead.

4) LEGO!
But not just any LEGO. LEGO that will let you get your steampunk building groove on. The LEGO Master Builder Academy Invention Designer kit to be exact. You can't help but build some amazing steampunk themed creations with this kit!

5) Do-It-Yourself Steampunk Gun Paint Kit:
For that adventurous friend that always wanted to make their own. Its not as hard as it looks. Just pick up the latest version of the Nerf revolver: the Strongarm.
Then pick up some paint. Some tried and true are Valspar Custom Primer, Flat Black, and Flat Clear Sealant to start. You'll also want to pick up some other colors as well depending on what color scheme you want. Or maybe just a gift certificate to the local hobby shop so that they can pick them out themselves.
And of course some handy instructions. Instructions for the venerable Maverick are readily available and even a novice maker/modder can adapt them for the latest in the line.

DJ Doctor Q (Ex-Music Editor, Co-Director of the Artifice Club Personality and Steampunk personlity)

High End - Anything from Curious Provisions
This is kinda cool -
Thomas Wileford’s new book
Brian Kesinger's Walking Your Octopus (or even commission some art from him.
Best new album of 2013 for me was This Way To The Egress''s Mighty Seed -
For comics, I'd recommend a bit of a Dieselpunk and Pulp-era throwback to the halycon days of Big Hollywood and the Radio Teledramas: The Thrilling Adventure Hour has lept from the Nerdist Industries podcast to comic form -

Professor Hoppingood (Crafts and Social Media Editor)

Airship Manual - The definitive work on Airship design and aeronautics, so that I might actually be able to talk knowledgeably about airships!

Military Map case to hold ipad, notebooks, cards, ephemera

Learn to Solder Kit - For all those nifty light-up projects that I want to do in the future!

Dover Victorian Ornament Clip Art book - think of all the cool paper projects, labels, signs, and displays I could make with these!

Dapper Christmas Stocking Patterns - so that I can decorate our mantle with Steampunk Style





Emilie P. Bush (Chief Editor)

I've been taken with a classic (read: out of print) children's book that I have recently discovered called "Perfect Pancakes if you Please". It is TOTALLY Steampunk, though the word never appears, and it's interestingly feminist in it's own way. The king offers up his only daughter as the prize for anyone in the kingdom who can being him perfect pancakes. She basically says - NO WAY to the Evil Inventor who wins, and the hero of the tale is the Airship Inventor. A real gem - this book written by William Wise and illustrated by Richard Egielski published in 1997 by Dial - is reasonably available pre-owned at a bargain price at used book websites and Amazon.

For the well-dressed Steamhunk in your life - I LOVE what's available in Steampunk cuff links at I. Want. The Spinners!

Christmas stockings are for chumps, ladies. especially when House of Canney pocket Gaiters exist. Very COOL. to order yours - or - catch them at an upcoming convention (I saw the lovely display of them this year at TESLACON.)

Lastly, I want more chocolate from Sweet Steam. IF you can find them - at a convention or on Facebook, STALK them and get your Clockwork Orange Pocket watches and Steam Engine shaped chocolate covered pretzel rods. Yum YUM!


Wilhelmina Frame (Editrix de Mode)

Tis the season to be fabulous! Fashionistas love to dress up and celebrate and maybe one of these items under the tree will make the season even brighter!

For the crafty fashionista Embellishments: Construction Victorian Detail by Astrida Schaeffer analyzes ten dresses in depth and gives how to instructions of how to recreate their elements. Embellishments is also a crowdfunding success story as its original publication was funded via Kickstarter.

What about a tool to help your frock fanciness? A pair of scallop shears would give a decorative edge!

Wrap yourself in tentacles with a stainless steel Octo ring by Phillipine jewelry designer Strozzi

Finish your looks with MAC Cosmetics Steamy eyeshadow. A review of the color and texture by The Beauty Milk Blog.

Once you are fabulous, it’s time to entertain. The new cookbook from Emilly Ladybird, Steampunk Tea Party, gives lots of delicious recipes for Steampunk entertaining. I tried several delights made from the book’s recipes at its launch party (the Absinthe Turkish Delight was especially tasty). Signed copies are available via the author’s Etsy site.



Sean Peck (Video Interviews)

Here is a  list with some of my favorite steampunking materials: Banding, Arms and Balls. I use parts like these to make my just about everything including my custom shoulder mount camera rig.

Brass Branding

1" open brass banding SL24634

Cast Brass Arms

Cast Brass 7" "U" Arm - Polished & Lacquered SL09149

Brass Baslls


Dark Brown Leather and Wood Box Set

Great for holding your video gear. Its got the perfect look and the perfect price.
Dark Brown Leather & Wood Box Set

Go Pro Hero 3

Since videos are my thing, this camera here is a great one for doing in motion shots or set tripod shots


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