Steampunk Chronicle at AnachroCon!
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A rundown of events featuring the staff of Steampunk Chronicle at AnachroCon 2014.

Coming up this weekend, February 14-16 is Atlanta's AnachroCon. As Atlanta is the headquarters of Steampunk Chronicle, many of our editors and writers will be in attendance. Below is a rundown of where you can find us over the weekend.

Editor in Chief, Emilie P. Bush will be at AnachroCon to entertain kids and grown-ups alike. For the kids, there will be a 6PM story time. Come in your PJs for stories and sleepy time yoga. As the kids drift off to the land of nod, the parents can join her as she hosts the 4th Annual Men Without Pants Party on Saturday night. Grab your kilt, boys, (or your toga, choir robe, dashiki, or whatever leaves you modestly bare under there) and join in the men's best leg contest and other fun. Also Look for Emilie in the Hall Of Pros. She will be right next to The Girls of the Con - as she is Ms. December 2014.

Prof. Vernard Martin will be doing the rounds in the Science Track. He will help clarify Time Travel on Friday at 2pm, give an introduction to Mad Science on Saturday at 10am and show you the art of debunking science and medical conspiracies on Sunday at 2pm. He can also be found chatting with the various writers and makers of AnachroCon in the between times. If you are lucky, you could catch him in the convention suite where he might craft you a custom adult beverage.

Professor Hoppingood, Editor of the Crafts Department, and Deadline Dan, SPC Publisher are the Directors of the Fabrication Track.  They've lined up a slate of panels for makers of every level of expertise.  Topics range from basic paint and leather techniques, to working with CAD and other software for design, and what to look for in community makerspaces.  In addition, Dan will be on several panels, including how to build and race remote control airships.  It should be a great lineup, with some of the biggest names and most recognizable makers in the Steampunk community.

Your Editrix de Mode, Wilhelmina Frame will be on hand for panels on the Fashion Track. Ms. Frame will present three panels. On Saturday at 1pm be reminded of The Forgotten Victorian Silhouette: The Crinoline Years 1830s-1850s . Sunday at 1pm is Dressing for the Mourning After: Basics of Victorian Mourning Fashion. Sunday at 2pm learn tips and tricks at Sewing with Truly Victorian Patterns. Additionally, Wilhelmina will don the ceremonial fez as Tiffin Master of The American Tea Duelling Society, to oversee the Third AnachroCon Tea Duelling Tournament. Tea Duelling made its official American debut in 2012 at AnachroCon making it the oldest Tea Duelling event in the United States! The tournament will begin promptly at 5pm Saturday in the Tea Room. Duellists can sign in immediately proceeding the tourney and all rules will be reviewed at the start of play.

Please do say hello as you see us around the con. We are always happy to meet our readers. We hope to see you over the weekend!


For tickets and convention information visit the AnachroCon website.


Editrix de Mode and Part Time Lion Tamer, Wilhelmina Frame travels the globe in pursuit of adventure and style. When not in the circus ring with Rajah, her tiger and the rest of her “Kitten Kabal” (seven lions, three cheetahs and a rather droll panther), Ms. Frame can be seen at the most fabulous parties, in the latest fashions, sparkling with wit in conversation. Ms. Frame is the founder and Tiffin Master of The American Tea Duelling Society. Ms. Frame's alter-ego, Gretchen Jacobsen, is a freelance producer, award-winning costumer, prolific crafter and frequent convention panelist. She sings quite well also. Visit the home of The American Tea Duelling Society on Facebook, follow Ms. Frame on Pinterest, @ptliontamer on Twitter or via her blog, Part Time Lion Tamer .

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