Vintage Vogue Fashion show to debut at DragonCon 2014
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Edtrix de Mode Wilhelmina Frame reports on DragonCon's Vintage Vogue Fashion Show.

The Vintage Vogue Fashion Show makes its debut at Atlanta’s DragonCon, this Friday, August 30th. Editrix de Mode Wilhelmina Frame spoke with Paige Gardner, one of the show’s organizers and got the low down on this exciting new fashion event.

What is the Vintage Vogue Fashion Show?

The Vintage Vogue Fashion Show is a NEW ballroom event at DragonCon that showcases the best of historical fashion and costuming from alternate history on the runway!

Why was this show put together?

The Vintage Vogue Fashion Show was conceived by Lee Cox and Enrique Velasquez, directors of DragonCon’s Costuming and Alternate History Tracks, respectively.  While there are several costume contests and cosplay special events at DragonCon, they saw a need for an event showcasing straight-up historical costuming alongside costuming from alternate timelines.  Our staff of fast-moving, fashion savvy volunteers assembled to recruit top models and costumers, bringing the show from concept to runway in just 40 days.

What will fashion show attendees see?

Attendees can expect to see top-drawer costuming with distinctly historical flair.  From a period-accurate recreation of an 18th Century French ballgown to a Steampunk Samurai - the runway will highlight fashion and costume interpretations across the ages.

Who are the featured models and costumers?

Due to the short planning window for the show, the Vintage Vogue team contacted (largely through social media) costumers who were already known for fantastic historical costuming.  We also contacted the Alternate History community.  A call for additional costumers and models was made as part of our event promotion. We discovered some FANTASTIC new talents along the way and are excited for your to see everyone on the runway.

Why is this a must see event?

It's easy to be overwhelmed by the outstanding cosplay and fandom costuming that DragonCon is famous for.  In that hustle and bustle (oh, a pun!) much of the historical re-creations and more subtle alternate history costuming can be overlooked.  The Vintage Vogue Fashion Show turns the spotlight on these outstanding creations, offering costuming fans a front row seat to see at these amazing ensembles spotlighted on the runway.

Where and when?

The Vintage Vogue Fashion Show will take the stage on 1:00 PM EST, at the Grand Ballroom East in the HILTON hotel at DragonCon. RSVP at our Facebook Event page.


Editrix de Mode and Part Time Lion Tamer, Wilhelmina Frame travels the globe in pursuit of adventure and style. When not in the circus ring with Rajah, her tiger and the rest of her “Kitten Kabal” (seven lions, three cheetahs and a rather droll panther), Ms. Frame can be seen at the most fabulous parties, in the latest fashions, sparkling with wit in conversation. Ms. Frame is the founder and Tiffin Master of The American Tea Duelling Society. Ms. Frame's alter-ego, Gretchen Jacobsen, is a freelance producer, award-winning costumer, prolific crafter, frequent convention panelist and model. You can visit Ms. Frame on Facebook, follow her on Pinterest, via @ptliontamer on Twitter or read her latest at her blog, Part Time Lion Tamer.



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