Featured Fashionista: 2014's Best Dress Male, Mister Kory Doyle
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In honor of the opening of nominations for the 2015 Steampunk Chronicle Reader's Choice Awards, this week's fashionista is our Best Dressed Male from 2014, Mister Kory Doyle.

Featured Fashionista profiles a look from a "fashionista" in the Steampunk community. Would you like us to cover your fashion? Send a recent (2014 or later) fabulous photo to me at and perhaps you will be our next Featured Fashionista!

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2014 RCA winner Kory Doyle explains, in his own words, his fashion inspiration and history in this special installment of Featured Fashionista.

From Mister Doyle:

I was completed surprised and more than honored when I was voted Best Dressed Male in the 2014 Steampunk Chronicle Reader’s Choice Awards.  I was always that dorky awkward kid who never seemed to fit into the main stream and was never part of the cool crowds.  I found where I belonged in 1976 and fell into fandom when I first saw Space: 1999 at eleven years old (do the math if you must). A lifetime of geekdom was established a year later when this little movie called Star Wars came out.  Over the years, I became an equal opportunity fan, loving literary, graphic and media sources.  At one point, I discovered cons and became an avid con attendee, which led into me being on the first committee for the Doctor Who con, Gallifrey One and the co-chair for Clockwork Alchemy in 2012 & 2013. I have since moved into programming for Clockwork Alchemy. I run both the fashion and culture programming tracks, and I am also the director of our fashion show. Our first full-size show was a huge hit, featuring three designers showing couture and ready to wear looks for both men and women. I became a costumer at sixteen so I had something to wear to the original Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Agoura, CA (thankfully, no photos survive). Since then I have done historical costumes from Elizabethan to Medieval to Celtic and Saxon. As far as Sci-fi costumes, I’ve done Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, and Doctor Who.  My current passion, however, is Steampunk. I start from a historical costumer’s point of view and think of my creations as Victorian, then think how I can twist them into what I want.  Have created Steampunk from scratch, going all the way from designing, pattern drafting, construction and finishing to upcycling and repurposing thrift and vintage store finds. I still haven’t decided if I’m a costumer, a cosplayer, a tailor, an upcycler or something else entirely.  I guess it depends on the project, as I have answered to all of the above. To me they are all clothes, be it for a masquerade, cosplay, a historical recreation event or just about the halls at a con. I need a level of detail, fit, durability and design in my clothes no matter when or where I am going to wearing them.

What I love about Steampunk fashion is the ability to combine different elements from different parts of the Victorian and Edwardian eras to make something new that is not historically accurate but still has a recognizable look.  For example, I can sew a collar from a later era woman’s mantle and make it work on a man’s waistcoat.  This was not done historically, but it can look way cool.  Sometimes something that I pick up at a thrift store for all of seven dollars will tell me where it wants to go and I will get lost in an organic process of creativity.  Whether it’s a vintage refit or an original piece that I designed, drafted and constructed, I let the garment dictate how we will work together. The end result is I have a large Steampunk wardrobe that is full of unique garments that gives me a style all my own. Thanks to Steampunk, I am no longer that dorky awkward kid, but get to be an elegant gentleman about town.


IMAGES of Mr. Doyle courtesy of Apricot Photography and Raven Pictures.

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