DragonCon 2015: Steampunk Preview
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In just a few short weeks summer will be over and Labor Day weekend will be upon us. That brings to Atlanta the juggernaut that is DragonCon. In order to get the lowdown on all the Steampunk events of DragonCon weekend, we spoke with Alternate History Track Director Enrique Velazquez (aka DJ Doctor Q).

SPC: What is new for 2015 in the Alt History Track?

Q: We try to keep things fresh every year, and this year is no different. Not only is it the 30th Anniversary of Back to the Future, but it’s also the 50th Anniversary of the Wild Wild West TV show, and with the popularity of Fury Road, we even get to shine a special spotlight on the various alternate dystopias out there. 

Who are the featured guests and performers?

Well, Abney Park is coming back this year for starters. Not to mention amazing bands like Good Co., This Way to the Egress, Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands, and of course the amazing Frenchy and the Punk. 

Authors joining this year include SM Stirling, Cherie Priest, Mike Reznick, Leanna Renee Hieber, and so many others. 

Makers and other professionals you can expect to see include Paige Gardner, Thomas Willeford, Kato, Trip Hope of the League of STEAM, and Sarah Hunter among so many more. 

In addition to just guests of the track, the Con itself also will be brining in some incredible guests like Nichelle Nichols of Star Trek, Peter Mayhew of Star Wars, Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann of Doctor Who, and most of the cast of TV’s Arrow just for starters. All in all Dragon Con brings in 400 guests and attending professionals across more than 40 tracks of entertainment programming, so there is never a dull moment from 10am Friday morning through 4pm Monday afternoon. 

Where and when is “the” Steampunk event of DragonCon?

The event of the show is our main track party, as well as the annual Artifice Club bash. The Mechanical Masquerade: Dystopia will be a dark future to remember! This party has never ceased to be the highlight of my weekend, and I expect no less from this year’s party as we’re spinning our brand of crazy music under a backdrop of dancers and post-nuclear disaster. 

 Are you excited about anything on another track?

As an avid fan of comics, I’m pretty thrilled about all the comics guests in the Comics & Pop Art room. Also, seeing the folks that are featured in Arrow and Flash would be amazing. I say this, but I know full well that the odds are the only thing I’ll see outside of my track room is Talloolah Love’s Glamour Geek Revue burlesque show. Which is always amazing, but I wish I had time for more.  

 Any special tips for getting the most out of DragonCon?

I recommend joining the Dragon Con Newbies FB group if you haven’t been to the Con before. Also, check out Earth Station One’s Dragon Khan Report, it’s a great podcast filled with all the info you could want about the show.


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