Rue and Remembrance
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Imprudence, by Gail Carriger

Reviewed by Gregory G.H. Rihn, Steampunk Chronicle Literary Editor

Imprudence is the second installment of "The Custard Protocol", Ms. Carriger's third series of Steampunk adventures. Imprudence picks up shortly after the Spotted Custard's return to England following the events of Prudence, and begins with Rue being called on the carpet by Queen Victoria, who takes exception to Rue's high-handed actions in India. Unrepentant, Rue is summarily stripped of her "Sundowner" status and "any other protections" by the Queen, and event which has further-flung consequences than Rue initially imagines.

As I projected, this book is rather more action-packed than Prudence, the unwieldy job of introducing the large cast now being out of the way. Rue's oftimes troublesome friends Primrose, Percy, and Quesnel are all on board, plus were-lioness Taherit Sekhmet, who's de facto become part of the crew, and various crewmembers are all on board as the Spotted Custard set out for Egypt on a private voyage to save the life and sanity of Lord Maccon. But, there's more at stake, as mysterious thugs and pirates beset the colorful airship all along the way, from the banks of the Thames to the source of the Nile.

Along the way, Rue acquires another supporter, not a new, but a surprising old cast member, who is a source of memories from before Rue's recall . And, this installment ends with a classically Carriger "revolting development," which betokens further high adventure in future installments.

Recommended for Carriger fans.

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