Liberation Day
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The Liberation: The Alchemy Wars, Book 3, by Ian Tregillis

The Liberation, like The Rising, picks up very shortly after the end of the last book, opening as the wave of robot revolution arrives in the Old World.

Daniel, formerly Jax, remains at the center of the action, but as a pawn acted upon by the three female prime movers of the plot. These are Berenice de Mornay-Perigord, the head of French Intelligence, who is coming to terms with the inhuman treatment she has meted out to intelligent beings; Anastasia Bell, Tuiner of the Alchemist's Guild, the series' former villain, who must try to save humanity from the revenge of the robots; and Queen Mab, who turns out to be deeply imbedded in the robotic revolution.

Like many a revolution in real life or in fiction, the "liberation" of the Clakkers from human control is a grim, dark and bloody story, but a satisfying one, as the Alchemists' Guild's evil plots come back to bite them in a way that bids fair to be deadly to all humankind. The ultimate resolution requires collaboration and sacrifice by the former enemies.

The Alchemy Wars is so far Steampunk's most epic story. Although there were a few questionable choices on the author's part, in my opinion, the writing was generally taut and well done. The plot works out in a believable arc, and, if the main characters sometimes seem to have the durability of movie action heroes, action-adventure is a large part of the story.

I recommend The Mechanical, The Rising, and The Liberation for Steampunk readers who relish a long, involved and involving tale.


The Liberation

The Mechanical

The Rising

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