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Steampunk'd: Episode Two Recap
Created by wilhelminaframe on 8/31/2015 9:09:54 PM

Editrix de Mode Wilhelmina Frame presents her series recapping Game Show Network's new reality competition show Steampunk'd. Episode recaps will include SPOILERS.

We’re on to Week 2 of Steampunk’d. This week’s challenge – design a Secret Lair for a “femme fatale”. Teams had a 18 foot tall, two story room to work with in this challenge. Each room needed to have a “secret function” item; some sort of trick or hidey hole. Team captains were last week’s winners Ave and Miss Morgan. Team members were picked gym class style with Ave, being last week’s 1st place, choosing first. With Tobias being voted off last week, the number of contestants was uneven. As Ave had first choice she also got the extra team member, the last picked Tayliss. Ave had the option of not taking Tayliss and handing her to the other team. I don’t know why strategically anyone would actually do that though. Even if the last person was clueless, an extra set of hands can always be put to use. Somewhat surprisingly, Miss Morgan’s first team pick was JW. It seemed that JW’s obvious skill was more of an asset to her than the fact that they don’t really seem to get along.

 Ave’s team decided on a storyline of their femme fatale as a magical sorceress and huntress. Team Ave’s discussions of the concept and different aspects of the room and costume seemed overly complicated versus multi-dimensional. Ave built a voodoo Tobias doll as a nod to the first auf’ed competitor. And Tayliss let her nerd flag fly by wearing elf ears during the build.

Miss Morgan didn’t want her femme fatale to be evil. She decided that her character was an alchemist turning lead into gold. Not exactly a bad idea, but not really what was asked for either. Predictably, JW and Miss Morgan had clashes. It seems obvious that the editors are trying to paint JW as a villain. Even so, he’s super competent and knows what he’s doing and no amount of fake drama editing is going to change that. Ladyhawke, who was in charge of the alchemical costume, literally stuck a gear on it, making a gear the alchemist’s symbol. At least we got to episode 2 before that happened.

 As foreshadowed in last week’s preview, Ave collapsed and was taken away in an ambulance. In the footage of her right before she fainted, it was pretty clear to me that she was not well. I’m kind of surprised more people don’t pass out during these competitions. Or maybe they do, just off camera. While this was set up as some big drama, it wasn’t really. Everyone just kept on crafting because they had to.

Ave was back on build day two and our makers got a little surprise. Host Jeannie Mai presented them with a big glowing mystery button. The button was a harbinger of either awesomeness or doom. Ave declared that no one on her team should touch the button. Eventually, curiosity got the best of Steampunk Eddie. The big twist was that Miss Morgan was forced to swap one of her teammates with Ave. Miss Morgan opted to swap JW. Her logic was that most of JW’s work on the build was complete. She took Charles from Ave and set him to work on the secret device. That was also Charles’s job on Ave’s team so JW took over that duty for Ave. This switcheroo proved definitive in the judging.

This week brought special judge John “DJ” Des Jardin, a visual designer who has worked on the Matrix Trilogy and Fantastic Four. The judges found very strong elements in both teams’ rooms. Miss Morgan’s team was praised for Steampunk Eddie’s lead into gold device and JW’s woodwork. But they really had all the kudos for Ave’s room. The judges fell all over Tayliss’s costume. I admit, the leather corset was a very nice touch and it was about 1 million times better than what she put together for the 1st challenge but it seemed to be a bit much to declare it what “all challenges should be about” or some such yardstick of greatness. I was much more impressed with James's long arm gun which also got high marks. JW was praised for his secret compartment, ironic, as his team totally failed on the gimmick in the 1st challenge. Ave’s contributions of the voodoo Tobias and some goofy jazz hand contraption did not impress the judges, with her being taken to task for pulling out the same “trick”.

After all the effusive praise, it was no surprise that Ave’s room was the winner. I was slightly surprised though that JW was declared 1st place. The judges recognized his significant contributions to both rooms and sited that as the reason for his win. In what seems to be typical JW style, he tried to take credit for the majority of Miss Morgan’s room -- cut to an admittedly hilarious look of shock and disgust on Miss Morgan’s face. I have to wonder if the producers told JW to rib her. 2nd place went to James for his gun. Ladyhawke, with her unfinished looking costume, and Charles, with his lackluster secret device, ended up the bottom two. Ladyhawke ended up being auf’ed and dissed by idol Kato, which had to hurt. Charles was given another chance. He has yet to impress me. I assume he got to stay since he was thrown by the team swap. I don’t think he’ll get lucky again if he doesn’t start performing.

Steampunk'd airs Wednesdays on Game Show Network.

The opinions expressed in this recap are from our Editrix de Mode and not necessarily those of Steampunk Chronicle. 

Editrix de Mode and Part Time Lion Tamer, Wilhelmina Frame travels the globe in pursuit of adventure and style. When not in the circus ring with Rajah, her tiger and the rest of her “Kitten Kabal” (seven lions, three cheetahs and a rather droll panther), Ms. Frame can be seen at the most fabulous parties, in the latest fashions, sparkling with wit in conversation. Ms. Frame is the founder and Tiffin Master of The American Tea Duelling Society. Ms. Frame's alter-ego, Gretchen Jacobsen, is a freelance producer, award-winning costumer, prolific crafter, frequent convention panelist and model. You can visit Ms. Frame on Facebookfollow her on Pinterest, via @ptliontamer on Twitter or read her latest at her blog, Part Time Lion Tamer.






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