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Cupid on Steampowered Wings

L.C. Longo

Cupid on Steamppowered Wings
L.C. Longo is a published author, costumer, jewelry designer, actress and performer currently residing just outside of Central London after permanently moving over from Pennsylvania in 2005. Flying the sepia flag for lovers of the post apocalyptic aesthetic, she has been known to roll a multi-sided dice from time to time and keeps a zombie survival guide by her bedside with notes in the margins.
© L.C. Longo 2013

Love in the Air

Love Machine

Scott Banks

Love in the Air and Love Machine

When not curating his toy dinosaur collection while wearing a brocade vest and bowler, Scott Banks is a freelance creative consultant for Fortune 500 companies such as Turner Broadcasting (Cartoon Network & Adult Swim), DC Comics, and Coca-Cola as well as large non-profits like CARE, Smithsonian, and Quality Care for Children. In his free time, Scott is one of the key members of The Artifice Club managing digital design and production of marketing materials, and serving as designer/webmaster for the DragonCon Alternate History track website.


Doctor Geof Banyard

Romance and Holmes
Geof is a Leeds-based cartoonist, comics creator and scientist. He uses the twin weapons of humour and cute stylised drawings to make light of things like alternative sexual practices, science, Victoriana/steampunk, and tea. He can regularly be found at events round the UK peddling his comics and posters and embroidered badges and the like. The Island of Doctor Geof 

Pleasure Brand Tea

Gretchen Jacobsen

Pleasure Brand Tea
Wilhelmina Frame's alter-ego delights in shocking polite society with her naughty entendres and frisky word play. Beware the eye of the gin!
© Gretchen Jacobsen 2013